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Project Type:   Historic Preservation Interior Remodel & Core Construction for the owner, the USDA Forest Service

Location:   Mt. Hood, Oregon

“Timberline Lodge is a national historic landmark, and for any construction company, it is uniquely challenging. The location is beautiful but with unpredictable weather conditions. It is a fully functional lodge and hotel, so any disruption to guests' comfort would be unacceptable. Through detailed planning, forethought, and flexibility, Artis met all challenges. They moved people and materials in and out in all weather. Their goal was to be unseen and unheard as they embedded new technology and highly efficient heating in every square inch of the lodge. That process included miles of hydronic infrastructure piping, state-of-the-art boilers, and cutting-edge electronic systems. Artis’ high level of commitment and fulfillment of all responsibilities will bring a new level of comfort to generations of visitors from all over the world.”
Jeff Kohnstamm
President Area Operator, Timberline, RLK & Company